Essence of Japan, Volume 1

Japan’s coloring inspiration:

A Best Kept Secret. Discover a great Japanese coloring book based on real destinations. “Essence of Japan, a Coloring Journey” is a coloring book based on central Japan. This book will give you hours of relaxation with Japan’s luxury and beauty. Enjoy your time coloring 30 beautiful pages filled with detailed illustrations. All of the art is my personal creation and is digitally hand drawn, using personal photos as reference. Stock images are never used.

A trip to Japan changes everything:

Having a Japanese heritage, I always wanted to visit the land of my ancestors. In 2016, my dream came true when I visited central Japan. There, I experienced Japanese designs, gardens with profound beauty of nature, ancient cities, wonderful people, delicious food, and incredible “Unesco World Heritage sites”. After returning from my trip, I had a strong desire to draw this magnificent country in a coloring book style.  In this unique Japanese coloring book, you can explore Japan without leaving the comfort of your home.


I’m Joyce Will, artist and owner of ArtisticWill Designs. I’m a wife, mom, and artist living in Southern California. I traveled to Japan to experience the country of my heritage.
I was so inspired by its beauty, culture, and people that I had to illustrate the “Essence of Japan” into a coloring book.  Read more: ArtisticWill Designs

IS, CB 31pg, Koinoburi KOI Fish Wind Sock Carp.8.5X11

Travel description, towards to back of the book.

PRESET high res, #1 page descriptions

Volume 1 Destinations: Narita, Tokyo, Kawaguchi, and Takayama Prefectures. Book Release: Jan 2018

ART, New COVER Front .& Back, Narita Garden, Geisha.8.5X11ai

  • Narita Temple Gateway
  • Asakusa Temple
  • Imperial Palace
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Shirakawago thatch roof houses

Volume 2 Destinations: Kyoto, Osaka, Gion, and Nara Prefectures.
Book Release: November 15, 2019


  • Bamboo Forest
  • Golden Pavilion
  • Tori Gates
  • Todaiji Temple
  • Shinto Shrine

Available on: $11.99 USD

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Copyrighted Art:

All of my designs are originally created and protected by copyright laws.
Designs may NOT be used, duplicated, or replicated without my written permission.

Your colored samples may be posted with a link and the art credited back to ArtisticWill Designs.

ArtisticWillDesigns, LOGO Neko cat, circle

8 thoughts on “Essence of Japan, Volume 1

  1. A beautiful, detailed book! You can tell Ms. Will really loves Japan and its culture through the intricate features of the designs. The drawings allow the reader/”colorer” to really feel they are in the scene itself. A great way to become familiar with the beauty of Japan.


  2. This coloring book has wonderful details and the description of each page helps one understand better what you are coloring.
    Wonderful job! Well done.


  3. Coloring is such a soothing activity and your coloring book gives this feeling along with creating the beauty that you experienced in Japan. Nicely done!


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