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Hello. I’m Joyce Will, artist and owner of ArtisticWill Designs.
(Previous called ArtisticWillStudios/Glitter Art). I traveled to Japan to experience the country of my heritage. I was so inspired by its beauty, culture, and people that I had to illustrate the “Essence” into a coloring book. The illustrations all represent real destinations in central Japan.
Japan Coloring Book Art: All illustrations are my personal creations, never using any purchased or royalty free stock images. The art is digitally hand drawn using a Wacom drawing tablet in Adobe Illustrator to create vectored line art. Personal photos are used as reference. Models faces have been altered to protect their identities.
I’m a wife, mom, and artist living in Southern California. Art has always been part of my life. With a BFA in Illustration, I’ve worked for major companies in the past such as Northrop Grumman, Ralph M. Parsons, and Big 5 Sporting Goods. After raising my family, my heart was pulled back toward illustrations.  I decided to branch out and share my talents.
Inspiration & hobbies: Creating detailed coloring books, painting glitter art keepsakes, making stylized graphics, traveling, visiting museums, and loving new experiences. I enjoy fun time with family, playing with my dog, and sharing kindness and joy with others.
Mission Statement: I’m passionate about creating beautiful art uniquely different from the rest. My purpose is to help people feel good when looking at my art, bringing them peace and joy with every illustration and design.


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Digital Art, Graphic Design: Using a digital drawing tablet, I create digitally hand-drawn vector art in Adobe Illustrator.  Adobe Photoshop is used to color-correct images. Volume 2: Pagoda

IS, CB 31pg, Koinoburi KOI Fish Wind Sock Carp.8.5X11

Business Reality Sign

WP, FOR SALE scroll

Glitter Art:  I loved the effects of loose glitter but hated the mess. I created a new technique by hand-mixing loose glitter with a paint-base, which allows me to paint precisely and have control with a brush. This creates artwork with layers of colors, elegant shine, and iridescent sparkle.  There may be slight variations due to the hand-painted quality and availability of glitter colors. The final product has a stained glass effect. Glitter art can be customized or personalized for special request.

WP, 5Beta Fishes. art

Traditional Art: I’ve worked in many different medias such as gouache, watercolors, inks, and acrylics. I’ve also created original hand drawings, technical line art, and paintings.

WP, flamingo sitting3

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Essence of Japan, by Joyce Will
Japan adult coloring books: Experience Japan’s culture, traditions and history from the comfort of home.

ArtisticWillDesigns, LOGO Neko cat, circle

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