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Japan Coloring Book: Essence of Japan, A Coloring Journey

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Above are a few samples of art that you will find in this Japan coloring book.  There are 30 pages of detailed illustrations representing central Japan’s elegance and beauty. Travel through the unique land of geishas, historic castles, Buddhist temples, Samurai warriors, and historical “Unesco World Heritage” sites. You can experience Japan’s culture, traditions, and icons.

  • 30 individually detailed illustrations, from real destinations in central Japan
  • Perfect bound (glued spine) with single-sided pages
  • Descriptions at the back of the book corresponding to each art page
  • All art is hand-drawn, using personal photos as reference. Stock images are never used.

Essence of Japan, Vol. 1

  • Narita-san Temple
  • Askakusa Temple
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Mt Fuji
  • Samurai Warriors
  • Imperial Palace
  • Shirakawago thatch roof homes

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Colored samples:

IS, CB 31pg, Koinoburi KOI Fish Wind Sock Carp.8.5X11IS, CB 31pg, Koinoburi KOI Fish Wind Sock Carp.8.5X11IS, CB 31pg, Koinoburi KOI Fish Wind Sock Carp.8.5X11

Coloring Tips:

1) Remember to place a sheet of cardboard behind the page you are going to color to prevent ink from bleeding through to the page below. Wet mediums, such as gel pens and markers, may bleed through the paper. Dry mediums, such as colored pencils, can create pleasing results.

2) Illustrations of fabric, foliage, and patterns can be colored with either one color or a variety of colors. Remember, many Japanese patterns are embossed or etched into the fabric with one color, while other fabrics have many colored details.

3) In the right corner, a Japanese “Hanko” signature is stamped and is usually one color such as red or gold. (The drawn “Hanko” is a simulation of the traditional artist’s stamp).
You don’t have to be concerned about the fine details of this stamp.

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Japan Coloring Book samples: Post your finished colored masterpieces and with a link credited back to ArtisticWIll Designs

Japan Coloring Book, Volume 2: Find Central Japan prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka, Gion, and Nara, You’ll find Giant bamboo forest, Golden Pavilion, oldest Shinto Shrine, Tea ceremony, Buddhist temple, Geisha, etc.

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Essence of Japan, by Joyce Will
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